Let Whirl Wind Media Help Your Company Attract More Prospects To Your Website With Targeted Search Engine Optimization

Ottawa Search Engine Optimization ServicesSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are becoming increasingly important. For the first time in history people are spending more time online than watching television. Google is the most visited website in Canada and search engine traffic still accounts for the vast majority of traffic and new users to websites.

With more than 1 trillion unique urls on the web, finding your website online can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Our SEM & SEO Marketing services can help your website be found online. We focus on driving keyword targeted traffic to your site; traffic that’s going to engage with your brand, buy, book, refer friends, get on your database… do whatever your online objectives are.

We assess search engines, keyword phrases, emerging search engine optimization strategies and landing page combinations for conversion and cost per acquisition goals. Search Engine Optimization Marketing is a continuous process and is more of a science than any other marketing practice out there. It needs to be constantly monitored, amended and adapted depending on what keyword phrases people are searching for. We monitor the keywords that are bringing in the highest quality traffic and amend our search engine optimization campaign accordingly.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services Include:

Focusing on organically increasing your website’s search engine ranking for relevant keyword phrases to your business products and/or services. Achieving a high natural ranking is dependent on both on-page Search engine optimization and off-page SEO.
Includes meta tag and keyword analysis and optimization for all web pages; and content development where new content is optimized for search engines by a professional copywriter.
Includes article development and manual submissions to websites and search engines and execution of link building strategies.
We produce monthly reports on all our SEO work and the results are measured against each month to show the traffic growth and increase in conversions.
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We would be happy to look over all aspects of your online business and give you our recommendations
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