What is SEO For Real Estate Agents?

SEO For Real Estate Agents OttawaSEO for Real Estate Agents is a long-term strategy that uses organic keywords, as well as fine-tuned technical expertise, to effectively generate leads.  A form of real estate internet marketing, SEO is the process of making a real estate website and its content highly relevant and visible to both search engines and searchers. Real Estate SEO places your professional website in the “organic/natural” search results vs. the “sponsored” results. Why is this important? Non-sponsored search results receive higher levels of traffic. That translates into an increase in the flow of targeted traffic toward your website.

SEO Benefits

  • Allows your website to be found more times, by more people, in more searches
  • Increases online credibility, raises industry standing and strengthens brand image
  • Attracts niche market visitors and ultimately raises online sales
  • Page 1 placement on the 4 major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL) for selected keywords
  • Increases site traffic and converts more website visitors into buyers

What Whirl Wind Media can do for you

We will create a structured SEO plan that involves the following:

Full Website AssessmentA thorough analysis of your website content quality, quantity and optimization levels
Keyword Research & DevelopmentAn analysis of your target market, business objectives and competitors to develop a list of relevant, high volume search terms (keywords)
Meta Tag BuildingResearch and build “search engine friendly” title tags, keywords and descriptions for each webpage
Alt Tag BuildingBuild “search engine friendly” image tags for each graphic
Search Engine Rank AnalysisExamine and build up website page rank (search engine status)
Search Engine SubmissionSubmit your website to quality, high page rank search engine directories for listing

Local SEO For Real Estate Agents and Brokerages

Local search results for Realtors occurs when you do a search on major engines like Yahoo, Google, or Bing. Geographic identifiers, such as “Realtors in Ottawa” produce local results. Improved features for local searches are becoming more popular with search engines, and this provided new opportunities for Realtors and Brokers to rank in Google and compete against larger real estate websites. This is because good local search rankings can help to increase the traffic to your real estate site.

Local SEO services can help you to target a greater number of keywords that can ultimately maximize the traffic to your website. At Whirl Wind Media, we have a thorough understanding of how local search engines work, and we stay up-to-date on changes that they make regarding their local algorithm for search ranking.

Want New Business?  Local Search Marketing is Crucial

Our experience in SEO for Real Estate agents can provide your business with long term benefits, as we can assist you in developing an effective SEO strategy. The usage of local search continues to grow, and this is making it even more important for your website to be seen in these rankings and within the organic search.

You can’t afford to miss the business opportunities that will result from our local SEO services, as we make it easier to get new clients and for old clients to find you.


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