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How often do you access the web using a device other than a personal computer? If you’re like most consumers, the answer is a lot. From smartphones to tablets, we’re witnessing a major shift in the consumption habits of online audiences. Practically every industry has seen a spike in mobile traffic over the past year, and it’s a trend that’s not ending any time soon.

Which is great… until you consider how all of these different devices impact the way your website renders.

Designing mobile sites for a million different screen sizes is a bad investment of your time and your money. The solution, of course, is to be strategic and build one website that can adapt to an infinite number of devices.

Responsive web design is a way of making a single website that works effectively on both desktop browsers and the myriad of mobile devices on the market. Responsive architecture gives the best quality browsing experience – whether on a smartphone, tablet, netbook or e-reader, and regardless of the operating system.

The structure of a responsive website also makes it easy for search engines to read. Without responsive web design you may be accidentally duplicating content in a mobile and non-mobile website, which dilutes your content’s rankings in the search engines and may even result in a ranking penalty.

Don’t let your old website design scare away your potential mobile customers.  Allow Whirl Wind Media to build a responsive website that customers and clients on all devices can utilize and enjoy.

Responsive Web Design and Development Services

Our first objective is to discover what the website needs to do for your business, is it a sales tool? An information hub? An online store? A website can be your greatest source of revenue with the right strategy and execution.
We design beautiful, interactive websites that reflect your brand identity and engage your audience.
Using the power of WordPress for Content Management, and Prestashop for eCommerce you can be confident that your website will start with a solid foundation. We are specialists in customising these, and many other PHP based platforms.
By integrating professional store designs with leading-edge CMS functionality, we provide your customers with the assurance that your website & business are reputable and that they can purchase safely & securely.
Copy is one of the most important elements in delivering your value proposition and online message. We can help you sell yourself with a little more flair, a little more heart and lot more authenticity.
Everything we build features the latest technologies and tactics to allow for easy search engine discovery. We can make your website famous with our Search Marketing services.
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We would be happy to look over all aspects of your online business and give you our recommendations
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